Ordering lunch from the waitress at Goode Brothers, Shop 118 LynnMall, New Lynn

When the guest speaker booked for the June monthly meeting could not speak because of illness, Noel Rose contacted Lisa Truttman from the Avondale-Waterview Historical Society. Lisa stepped in as a last-minute substitute and delivered a riveting address on the life and mysterious death of Dr Walter Granville Carew. A transcript of Lisa’s talk, together with many internet links to further information, is found in this newsletter.

There is a member’s contribution from Bill Mutch about the time when he was shopping in a west Auckland supermarket and received an urgent call from the police to get to Glendowie within 30 minutes. Bill battled his way through 5:00 pm rush hour traffic with white and blue warning lights flashing on the grill of the car in which he was travelling and ended up involved in a situation where a person had committed suicide by filling all his pockets with rocks and jumping into the tide. That night, Bill appeared on the TV news at 10:30 pm.

On a more pleasant note, the newsletter features many photographs from the mid-winter lunch which 26 members and spouses attended at Goode Brothers in Lynnmall.

Download the June 2021 Newsletter by clicking this link.

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