Coffee morning at Selwyn Village Café

It is unusual for a coffee morning to be the standout article in the newsletter, but in this issue, the coffee morning at Selwyn Village takes centre stage. What was special about this coffee morning was that Kathy Fitchett and her team put on a free morning tea for our members. The coffee morning was also held in more comfortable surroundings than you would ever find in a suburban coffee shop.

After enjoying the coffee morning, members went on an escorted tour of the village in small groups. It was a privilege to see the library, mini-mart, gymnasium, community room, men’s workshop, and picturesque chapel.

We also saw three available apartments. The first apartment was in the Randerson building, the second in the new Puckey block, and the third in the Betty Pyatt block.

Those who went to this coffee morning had a day out they will remember for a very long time. It was a unique event that will not be replicated again anytime soon.

“The Roof” was Les Barrett’s 37ft wide beam motor launch

This newsletter also has a story about days gone by when men could get things done without the impediments they face today.

Raymond Barrett filled the guest speakers slot at the April meeting and spoke at length about his father Les. One of his escapades involved cutting a house in half and transporting it 22 km on a trailer made from the chassis of two derelict trucks. Les established a business that sold Fergusson tractors, Jowett Javelin cars and Seagull outboard motors.

Raymond would have gone to work for his father, but when Les died at 42 years of age, his mother Dulcie had to sell the business. Raymond followed his brother Bob; leaving school at age 15 and entering the workforce.

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