Kings Plant Barn 224 Universal Drive Henderson outside seating area

Kings Plant Barn in Henderson has 948 Google reviews and a 4.5-star rating. The cafe is described as being in a lovely environment surrounded by beautiful plants.

Ian Smith has selected this cafe for our next coffee morning. The date is Wednesday 26 May and the start time, as per usual, is 10:00 am. There is a reasonable amount of parking outside the plant barn and a huge number of chairs and tables inside the cafe.

Kings Plant Barn in Henderson is located at 224 Universal Drive. Reviewers describe the Altura coffee served in the cafe, as being good, the cabinet food as really good, and the date scones as excellent.

Altura claim on their website, to use the best Arabica coffee beans, purchased through their trading arm Mountain Top Coffee (MTC NZ), to make award-winning coffee. The rating Bill Mutch gives this coffee is eagerly awaited.

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